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But he’s a headed west from the Cumberland Gap…

4 Mar

It has been way too long since I’ve blogged. So long, that here’s what’s happened since my last post:
Wordpress changed its layout (not pleased)
I almost forgot my login and password (almost)
February has left the building (when did that happen?)
And I have developed an obsession with fish tacos (shout-out to Oscars Taco Shop)

Since the end of the semester is coming nearer, along with my departure to New York, I’ve decided to reminisce on my adventures in Tennessee before I make the big move to the Big Apple.

tennesseeIt all began in a quaint little city in East Tennessee called Morristown. About 40 minutes east from Knoxville, this Southern-Baptist region hadn’t even passed liquor by the drink when I first became a resident.

After traveling so far from Massachusetts to a place like Morristown, I thought I had landed in a desolate wasteland. I went from living five minutes away from the ocean, to a house where my next door neighbor was a cow. Imagine my horror. While at the time I thought that my mother was dropping me off at a redneck boarding school as some cruel and unusual form of punishment, I soon came to learn that I could survive in the South.

After joining a speech, acting, and debate program called forensics, I found my niche in high school. Through this frabz-Forensics-What-my-friends-think-I-do-What-my-mom-thinks-I-do-Wha-1fe6b8
extracurricular activity I was able to travel to various places around the country like Chicago, Texas, and even my home state to Boston (and thank God for traveling, because I would have lost my ever-loving mind without some form of diversity.)

The program gave me confidence in speaking in front of large crowds and allowed me to be myself at a point in life where people can be most judgmental. Because of this program and the people I met because of it, I came to appreciate my stay in Morristown.

While I did earn an appreciation for that little city, I was still happy to make my departure to college. Shortly after my acceptance to the University of Tennessee, my mom packed it up and moved to Knoxville. Though I am slowly severing ties to Morristown, I still find time to make it back to visit friends. Morristown may not ever be a part of my future, but I’m proud to say that it’s a part of my past. (even though it took me a while to realize this)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, they eventually passed liquor by the drink.


Losing with Dignity

28 Oct

As most of you know from reading previous posts, I have an extreme disdain for football. I think the sport is unnecessarily long and I have a serious problem with my college being associated with this sport over academics. <End of Rant> However, there are few moments when you are being forced to watch a game because everyone else in the room wants to watch it even though most of them are socializing and not even paying attention to the screen that you get to see a heartwarming moment occur. Yesterday, I witnessed one of these moments.

No, I’m not talking about how close to beating South Carolina that UT was (look at them losing respectfully. You go, UT!). During this game a better representation of how football should be played occurred in the second quarter. As I’m sure all of you have heard from either witnessing or reading a post about it, South Carolina running back, Marcus Lattimore, suffered a horrible injury to his knee due to a helmet crushing into it during a tackle. What happened after this play was what resonated with me most.

In spite of an SEC rivalry, Tennessee players swarmed the field to pay their respects to the severely injured player. In spite of all the trash-talking and fights that usually break out at most football games, these players and fans actually showed a little dignity. Never have I showed any semblance of emotion while watching a football game, but when Lattimore left the field crying, I almost broke down with him (don’t judge me). The sportsman-like conduct that was portrayed at this moment was one that should be witnessed by all sports fans alike. Yes, it sucks that UT lost (I could really care less) but I think Vol fans should be proud of the attitudes displayed during the game (and that we only lost by a field goal).

I may loathe every aspect of football, but I can respect a good game. While it wasn’t my decision to watch the game to begin with, I am glad I did. UT’s record may be 3-5, but at least we know how to lose with class.

For those of you living under a rock, here is a clip of the Lattimore injury:

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave

16 Oct

Fall break has come and gone so now the next thing we can all look forward to is THANKSGIVING Pre-Christmas (did I mention I love Christmas?)  Four days of binge eating turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and leftovers galore! I can’t wait!

My 5 glorious days of fall break was spent in Tunica, MI where I gambled with the best of them. After a catastrophic blow to my bank account, I traveled to Starkville where I witnessed a catastrophic blow to Volunteer spirits… and probably Dooley’s career. After all was said and done I learned that Mississippi exists on the 3 C’s: Casinos, Cotton, and Corruption. The only things outside these main staples are dirt and air. I was honestly surprised that Mississippi State even existed after spending an entire weekend in a town that didn’t even have an Applebee’s (but they had casinos!!). It’s amazing how much service one building can provide. The casinos host restaurants, clubs, spas, gyms, pools, and more. They provide everything you could ever want to ensure you can never leave. Luckily, Hotel California didn’t suck me into the deep abyss of an alcohol induced bank account purge, and I made it back to Knoxville!

My much needed break was concluded with my LAST ADVISING APPOINTMENT EVER which led me to registering for MY LAST CLASS EVER. It’s a crazy feeling knowing that my 17 years of education is finally coming to a close… finally! Yes, I know, college will probably end up being the best years of my life but I am eager for the adventures that are in store for my future.  Maybe this blog will lead me to a career in social media at a large agency in NYC, or maybe I’ll end up back at the Gold Strike casino wishing I hadn’t blown my last $20 on a steak buffet.

Whatever the cards have in store (pardon the pun) I am ready to take it on. I am excited and nervous to make this life altering change; I just need to figure out where I’m going.  For now, my concerns are finishing out this semester so I can start the grueling process of filling out job applications (if you’re an employer, I could use a job).  Then it’s off to Campaigns in the spring and I’ll be one step away from hopping off the big orange bus.

Let’s just hope the bus doesn’t end up running me over.

Things to look forward to!

Halloween: 16 Days

Thanksgiving: 45 Days

End of Semester: 57 Days (UTK students only)

Christmas: 72 Days

Monster Mash-up

9 Oct

It’s Columbus Day, and just like our friend Christopher who embarked on his journey to the New World 520 years ago, the University of Tennessee is embarking on their Fall Break. It is a crisp 52 degrees in Knoxville making it officially feel like Fall. To celebrate all the festivities of this wonderful day it’s time for a Monday Mash-up: your official guide to social media and other cool stuff.

Angry Birds Star Wars is set to be released on November 8. Now when you are avoiding the gruesome task of paying attention in class, you can at least feel like Han Solo as you attempt to take down Darth Pig (or whatever they’re choosing to call it).

Facebook is offering a $20 million dollar settlement in accordance to their “Sponsored Stories” advertisements. Apparently every time someone clicked “like” on a page, that company was able to use that persons photo and name as a personal testimony endorsing their product. Facebook users had no ability to opt out of this feature and are now receiving $10 each for their endorsement. So much for privacy!

Ever had a fridge stocked full of groceries but you could never find something to eat? What about having to resist posting a tweet in class because your cell phone battery is at 3%? How about that time you wanted to subscribe to my blog but you were just to lazy to enter in your email address? These are First World Problems, and this Public Service Announcement is asking you to suck it up and subscribe to my blog stop complaining. I know it may be hard for you to not post a tweet on your iPhone 5 about still being hungry after scarfing down a bag of Doritos, but find solace in knowing that no one really cares about your binge eating anyways.

It’s October so it’s time to pick out a costume, go to a haunted house, and put on a scary flick because Halloween is approaching. For those of you who are less adventurous, you could always go to a corn maze or carve a pumpkin. Either way, this is the only time of year where scarfing candy is acceptable and you can get away with pretending that you’re someone else to cover up an embarrassing moment you want everyone to forget. (You know who you are).

If none of those previous suggestions tickle your fancy, you could always go watch this movie. I know I will. Until next time!

Monday Mash-Up (UTK Edition)

25 Sep

A lot of things have gone down on campus this week so I am dedicating this Monday Mash-Up to the University of Tennessee!

First on the list (I’m just learning about this myself) UT won the “Kathie Lee and Hoda Goes back to College” challenge. After beating out 6 other schools in the finals, UT will be hosting the Today Show during the week of October 1st. After hosting ESPN for college GameDay, UTK has received a lot of good press (go us!) , let’s just hope this turns out better than GameDay did…

With good news comes bad news, as does bad press come with good press. Thankfully, this next story is just local and not plastered on news stations across the nation. Well not any more, Anderson Cooper has even covered this story.  WBIR.com posted on Monday that a student was hospitalized this past weekend after reaching a BAC of .4. How is that even possible, you ask? He gave himself an enema… with alcohol. While I’m sure some of you are just dying to give this a shot, I strongly urge that you don’t. I can imagine it would be a real pain in the ass…

Attention Starbucks Lovers: As I’m sure all of you are outraged (I know because most of you came to my work
complaining about it) about how the location in Hodge’s Library began closing at 11 pm as opposed to staying open 24 hours, there is hope for you, yet! After many complaints from loyal customers, Aramark has decided to reinstate their previous hours to run a statistical analysis on the profitability of staying open this long. So don’t get your hopes TOO high because they may end up reverting back to the new hours.

Knoxville can sleep peacefully these next few weekends because the Vols are FINALLY on the road after their 3-game streak at home. First stop is in Athens to play the Georgia Bulldogs. Here’s to getting our hopes up, talking crap about the other team, and probably coming out with a loss. Hey, I’ve been wrong before though. Here’s a cute picture of Uga and Smokey to console us… just in case. (aren’t they just the cutest?!)

Keeping it Tennessee, here’s the CUTEST video of one of our more famous football players (not Peyton Manning) and a blue tick puppy. Enjoy!

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