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Monday Mash-Up (UTK Edition)

25 Sep

A lot of things have gone down on campus this week so I am dedicating this Monday Mash-Up to the University of Tennessee!

First on the list (I’m just learning about this myself) UT won the “Kathie Lee and Hoda Goes back to College” challenge. After beating out 6 other schools in the finals, UT will be hosting the Today Show during the week of October 1st. After hosting ESPN for college GameDay, UTK has received a lot of good press (go us!) , let’s just hope this turns out better than GameDay did…

With good news comes bad news, as does bad press come with good press. Thankfully, this next story is just local and not plastered on news stations across the nation. Well not any more, Anderson Cooper has even covered this story.  WBIR.com posted on Monday that a student was hospitalized this past weekend after reaching a BAC of .4. How is that even possible, you ask? He gave himself an enema… with alcohol. While I’m sure some of you are just dying to give this a shot, I strongly urge that you don’t. I can imagine it would be a real pain in the ass…

Attention Starbucks Lovers: As I’m sure all of you are outraged (I know because most of you came to my work
complaining about it) about how the location in Hodge’s Library began closing at 11 pm as opposed to staying open 24 hours, there is hope for you, yet! After many complaints from loyal customers, Aramark has decided to reinstate their previous hours to run a statistical analysis on the profitability of staying open this long. So don’t get your hopes TOO high because they may end up reverting back to the new hours.

Knoxville can sleep peacefully these next few weekends because the Vols are FINALLY on the road after their 3-game streak at home. First stop is in Athens to play the Georgia Bulldogs. Here’s to getting our hopes up, talking crap about the other team, and probably coming out with a loss. Hey, I’ve been wrong before though. Here’s a cute picture of Uga and Smokey to console us… just in case. (aren’t they just the cutest?!)

Keeping it Tennessee, here’s the CUTEST video of one of our more famous football players (not Peyton Manning) and a blue tick puppy. Enjoy!

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