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Will Disney turn Star Wars to the Dark Side?

31 Oct

It’s official. Disney has conquered another huge franchise, thus making themselves even more powerful than before. Disney has bought Lucas Films Ltd. (the production company that’s mostly known for producing Star Wars), and fans are turning to the dark side.

Now I’m not one who is enveloped within this huge fan base. I never watched the first installment back in the 70’s with Harrison Ford, however, I did watch the newer films with Natalie Portman (the acting in those movies was terrible). While I have no vested interest within the new franchise, my heart feels for Star Wars fans everywhere. I know what Disney does to movies. Pirates of the Caribbean? Should have stopped at three and now there are rumors of a sixth film. (I love Johnny Depp, but come on!) Don’t even get me started on the original animated films’ sequels: Lion King 2, The Little Mermaid 2, Aladdin 3… the saga continues. 

So will Disney do the same to Star Wars? Will they take another franchise too far to a point of no return? I personally love what they have done for Marvel (have you seen the Iron Man 3 trailer??), but Disney can get a tad over-zealous. Seriously, have you seen Bambi 2? For the sake of comic cons, I hope Disney doesn’t ruin this for every fan out there living in their mother’s basement watching The Empire Strikes Back on replay.  Let’s hope that Miley Cyrus can stay out of this, too.

We will find out the verdict to this potential massacre in 2015 when Star Wars 7 is set to be released. Until then, pray to Han Solo that Demi Lovato (or any other Disney child star) doesn’t get cast.

Monster Mash-up

9 Oct

It’s Columbus Day, and just like our friend Christopher who embarked on his journey to the New World 520 years ago, the University of Tennessee is embarking on their Fall Break. It is a crisp 52 degrees in Knoxville making it officially feel like Fall. To celebrate all the festivities of this wonderful day it’s time for a Monday Mash-up: your official guide to social media and other cool stuff.

Angry Birds Star Wars is set to be released on November 8. Now when you are avoiding the gruesome task of paying attention in class, you can at least feel like Han Solo as you attempt to take down Darth Pig (or whatever they’re choosing to call it).

Facebook is offering a $20 million dollar settlement in accordance to their “Sponsored Stories” advertisements. Apparently every time someone clicked “like” on a page, that company was able to use that persons photo and name as a personal testimony endorsing their product. Facebook users had no ability to opt out of this feature and are now receiving $10 each for their endorsement. So much for privacy!

Ever had a fridge stocked full of groceries but you could never find something to eat? What about having to resist posting a tweet in class because your cell phone battery is at 3%? How about that time you wanted to subscribe to my blog but you were just to lazy to enter in your email address? These are First World Problems, and this Public Service Announcement is asking you to suck it up and subscribe to my blog stop complaining. I know it may be hard for you to not post a tweet on your iPhone 5 about still being hungry after scarfing down a bag of Doritos, but find solace in knowing that no one really cares about your binge eating anyways.

It’s October so it’s time to pick out a costume, go to a haunted house, and put on a scary flick because Halloween is approaching. For those of you who are less adventurous, you could always go to a corn maze or carve a pumpkin. Either way, this is the only time of year where scarfing candy is acceptable and you can get away with pretending that you’re someone else to cover up an embarrassing moment you want everyone to forget. (You know who you are).

If none of those previous suggestions tickle your fancy, you could always go watch this movie. I know I will. Until next time!

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