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Halloween Costume? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.

24 Oct

Halloween is a week away and the pressure is ON. Finding a good costume has become almost as difficult as choosing who to vote for in this election.  No one wants to see the same old costumes that resurface every year, i.e. ghosts, witches, vampires.  Halloween has become a time of year when you can show just how creative and hilarious you really are all in one costume.  I’m not saying that finding a costume should take precedence over real life problems (how to dress when the weather shifts from 50 degrees to 80 in a day), but no one wants to go to a party and find another person dressed just like you. Halloween is a time to be unique, contrary to the popular belief that one should dress like a lady of the night. For all of you out there who are trying to come up with that unbeatable costume that will leave people talking about how creative you are for at least a day after the party you’re going to, here are some ideas inspired by social media:

Slender Man: I’m really not sure where this idea came from, but it has blown up memes all year. This horrifyingly simple costume is sure to freak out those who’ve had a little too much to drink. It doesn’t even require you to say anything, just stand alone in a corner and wait for someone walk past you.

Meme faces: Really simple. Copy your favorite face, print it out, and add some string so you can tie it around your head. Perfect for those who don’t want to put in much effort this year. If you want to score bonus points you can always walk around saying “y u no wear a costume?” or “Edward Cullen costume. Me Gusta.” It’s all up to you, but this costume could definitely start some interesting conversations.

Most talked about people of 2012: We have all seen the photo of McKayla Maroney who is clearly not amused by her competitors. Dress in your best sweats and walk around the party acting like you’re not amused by all of the costumes that are better than yours. Psy will also be a popular hit this Halloween. It’s time to drag out those flamboyantly colored suits and dance around like your pants are on fire. I’m not promising you might cause fights with those who are done hearing about your Gangnam style, but it will be fun while it lasts.

Hipster: Totally easy, just pull out those non-prescription glasses you bought last month to make you look “smart,” maybe add a flannel shirt and a scarf and you are good to go. For all you know, this is the best costume at the party. After all, you came up with it first.

If none of these costumes suit your spooky style, keep thinking! Let’s just hope that super awesome idea doesn’t come to you after the holiday is over… but I’m sure it probably will. (happens every time!)

Here’s something you can listen to while you get ready for your Halloween festivities.


Just another manic Monday…

18 Sep

Well, it’s Monday. It’s raining. And a lot of stuff has happened in the world of social media this past week, so it’s time for a MONDAY MID-DAY MASH-UP. A complete mash-up of this weeks past events (well, at least the ones I care about).

First up on my list: The iphone 5 was released.. and subsequently not bought by me. Congrats to Apple for making another version of an already expensive device and placing an even larger price tag on the new one. The only justification I can make for this frivolous release is that I may now be able to afford the iphone 4S (wishful thinking).

It’s official. PSY’s release of the song “Gangam Style” has officially gotten on my last nerve. Aside from completely blowing up YouTube, he performed at the VMA’s, Saturday Night Live, and The Today Show. Seriously???? Aside from not knowing the lyrics other than the token “oppan gangam style” (not even sure if that’s what he says), the whole song is just down right annoying. And here I am giving recognition to it… It’s a vicious cycle.

Another thing that really ANNOYS me: the NHL Lockout. I’m not saying that this is the worst thing to happen to me since McAllister’s closed on the strip, but hockey is the only sport I actually like… and this kind of sucks. I don’t even think this will be like the NBA lockout, either. I think this one will be for the whole year, just like in 2004…. I hate football.

Speaking of football… The much anticipated Gator loss ended up leaving many Vol fans eating their words, and perhaps losing a lot of bets. The Gator’s chomped us in the second half, making it the 7th year in a row that they have crushed Volunteer spirits, hopes, and dreams. So naturally, I have been seeing a lot of blame on Dooley. If it were up to Knoxville, the Vols would have a rotating coaching staff that would switch every time we lose. As I stated earlier though, I hate football, so my opinion on the matter is invalid.

In other news, today was my first day of my internship with the Knoxville Ice Bears (at least the SPHL has it together). I got to freshen up on my InDesign skills and made flyers for the upcoming season. I am told that I will also be able to help out with their social media campaign, which just works perfectly with the class I am having to write this blog for (490 Social Media). It’s all coming full circle!

Oh, and for those of you keeping track, my Klout score is now a 26. I need to set a higher goal for myself… Eh, maybe next week. Until next time!

Here is a HILARIOUS skit of Seth McFarlane’s impression of Ryan Lochte… Couldn’t upload the real video due to copyright infringement, but you need to click the link.

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