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Don’t you know, things can change? Things will go your way…

21 Sep

So… this week started out horribly.

As you all know from my Monday Mash-Up post, it rained on Monday… A lot. As much as I absolutely LOVE rainy days (I’m not even trying to act like those people who say they love the rain, but in all actuality end up squirming like cats when they have to go outside). I REALLY do love when it rains, so much so that I would rather it over the sun. As much as I love the rain though, my car apparently hates it… or maybe the rain hates me. This picture is what I woke up to Tuesday morning on my way to class. A puddle… in my car… Going back to how much I enjoy the rain, I do not enjoy it IN MY CAR. I don’t even know how it got there. My windows were closed and there was no visible entry point in which the rain entered my vehicle… just a puddle.

WARNING: This next part includes a product endorsement.

ShamWow! I know… I KNOW. You may be wondering why I am promoting this annoyingly advertised product, but seriously, it works! Thankfully my boyfriend has a tendency to purchase products (in bulk) that he doesn’t use/need (he also has a SlapChop), because this purchase came in handy. It seriously soaked up all the water in no time at all. Granted, there was a little residue left over that evaporated onto my windshield the next morning, but condensation beats a puddle. I’m not saying you should go out and buy one (because seriously, WHO GETS PUDDLES IN THEIR CAR?) but just know, that in a normal situation where an easy clean up is needed, ShamWow’s actually work.

Other than the mini floods Knoxville and my car battled, I enjoyed another pleasant surprise when I woke up this morning to a towed car. $100 down the drain (I could use a drain in my car). All of this car trouble in one week has been pretty unbearable, but it’s the simple things in life that happen to ease the pain away (or should I say “cheese the pain away.”) By that I mean Moe’s gave out FREE QUESO today. Not just a tablespoon of queso either, they gave a cup… with chips… FO’ FREE. Day= instantly made.

Moral of the story: Don’t cry over spilled milk rain, because soon enough something better will present itself, and the good always out weights the bad. (Who doesn’t love cheese?)

Here’s a shout out (holla!) to my BFF Jill Josh (check out his blog). When asking for suggestions on what to write about, he suggested drag queens on YouTube (we LOVE Drag Queens). Unfortunately, he’s the savant for this subject, so instead I will share with you a video he brought to my attention. (no, she is NOT a Drag Queen) Enjoy!

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