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Brand Yourself, and Do it Well

3 Oct

I was required to make a LinkedIn account for a class a few years back, for God knows what reason. Looking back at the page I created, I think it was required as some form of public humiliation. When I pulled up the page, I was not aware of the bumbling mess I had made. I had entered in the jobs that would only qualify me to pump gas for the rest of my life. I was embarrassed by the profile I concocted. I might as well have uploaded my Myspace page. Although, I am almost positive that not even Tom would have connected with me.

So I was required to read this book. It’s called Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself by, Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy. For those of you wanting to improve your brand image, read it. The LinkedIn chapter (among Facebook, Twitter, and blogging chapters) lays out the do’s and dont’s of using this medium. After reading the chapter, I went back to my LinkedIn page and deleted it. I couldn’t bare trying to salvage what was left of my not even completed train wreck  highlighting my clerical experience at a grocery store as well as my ability to mix coffee. Not to say that my experience at Dunkin Donuts and Captain John’s Whale Watch were positions to scoff at, but as an aspiring college student who dreams of working outside of retail it’s  just not going to cut it. I am going to start from scratch and perfect my LinkedIn account no matter how long that may take.

LinkedIn is such a valuable source to promote your professional experience and achievements. Not only do you get to talk yourself up, but you can establish connections with other professionals who may even be potential employers. It’s like the anti-Facebook. Both are sources to talk about yourself, but one can land you a job while the other can land you a screenshot on smosh from when you tried to Google something embarrassing and ended up posting it on Facebook. (people do that)

Moral of the story: Don’t create a profile just for a grade (if you have to, at least try to make it look good). Do it because it will help you establish a professional and personable online image that will hopefully lead to bigger and better opportunities.


The Perks of Being a Vlogger

7 Sep

While surfing the web (mainly creeping on Facebook), I decided to do some added research for class and look up some famous video blogs. Let me just start out by saying that the market is bombarded with people hoping to catch a break by recording their day to day activities and posting them on YouTube. I had no idea how to know which “vlog” would be best to watch. So naturally I went to Google. (Speaking of which, their Star Trek theme was adorable).

Anyways, I typed “most popular video blogs” into the search bar and went to the link that said “10 Most Popular Video Blogs Online.” Knowing  that by doing so that I was feeding into the theory that people are more apt to click on or read articles that contain a number in the title. All of the links that I clicked on always seemed to contain one video blog: The Shaytards.

After reading further, I discovered that the main blogger “Shaycarl” embarked on this adventure by wanting to maintain a weight loss vlog. This eventually lead to an everyday occurrence when Shaycarl vowed on his 29th birthday to vlog every day of that year, and the rest is history. The Shaytards is now a popular vlog with over 900.000 subscribers who watch this family communicate and interact with one another.

So what are the perks of an online vlogger? YouTube partners make, on average, $2.50-$5.00 per view. If you have a channel, you will make anywhere from $.01-$.05 per view. This may not be enough to quit your day job depending on how often you post, but for those vloggers who upload videos everyday, you can definitely earn a pretty penny.

I may not invest myself in this form of media any time soon, but the perks of being a vlogger are nothing to scoff at. As we continue this up rise of social media through documenting our every day lives, all of us can potentially claim our 15 minutes of fame. So watch out YouTube, right now I may only have the possibility of getting extra credit in class, but maybe one day I will be able to save up for a European vacation courtesy of future YouTube subscribers.

And just as an added bonus, check out this really disturbing vlog that I found whilst surfing YouTube…

Is Privacy a Fallacy?

5 Sep

Talking about privacy in social networks today in class really got me to start considering my online “brand.” Given this predicament I did what came most naturally when searching for online sources, I Googled myself. As excited as I was to see how my social status ranked among others, I was disappointed to find that I wasn’t as special as I had hoped. Although, I think that turned out to be a good thing…

The first result that popped up was Linked in, I was humbled to find out that there are 16 other Shannon Drew’s out there who utilize this resource. As I delved further, I found myself to be the 10th name down (topping 6 others was a minor success… I really need to update that thing). The second result was a Facebook profile (a GREAT success to know it wasn’t me).

This is where it gets creepy. Have you ever visited the site Spokeo? I was more than appalled at the discovery, myself. Long story short, you type in a name and it provides you with all the states that have “said person” living there. You click on the state you reside in, and BOOM there’s your address along with a Google map of your home. Charming, right? I then later found that my privacy can also be sold at a low price of $4.95. What does this price include, you ask? You can get my email address, phone number, family member information, and marital/employment status. I can definitely sleep tight tonight knowing that deviants everywhere can now stalk me at a creeper level status.

After calming my nerves, I continued down on the Google page and stumbled across the person who snatched the @ShannonDrew twitter handle and silently cursed the person in my head (not bitter). After scrolling down the first page I was quite ecstatic to know that I wasn’t included, I wasn’t even on the 4th page (after that my over-zealousness fizzed out and I was done creeping).

As mildly disappointing as it is to find out that I haven’t reached a celebrity status or lived up to my apparently popular name, I’m actually quite pleased. It’s nice to know that I still maintain some form of privacy, for now at least.  I eventually aim to reach a point in my life where I am successful enough to parade my name around like an American flag, but I can hold off for now.

So to answer my fist question, is privacy a fallacy? It’s definitely becoming the case, however, right now I am celebrating the small successes of my privacy. By that I mean my MySpace account didn’t pop up on the first page of Google because I created it under false email and now can’t delete it. Such is life.

These images of my Google search were quite entertaining…


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