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If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You…

20 May

Long time, no see! As you probably haven’t noticed, my last blog post was over 2 months ago (Yikes!). Over that lapse of time a lot of big things have happened:

...I survived campaigns! (Gotham Global for life) check out the team pic
I graduated! (Holla back!)
I’m moving to the NY area in June (I need a job)
Oscar’s Taco Shop still reigns supreme in the quest for the best fish tacos (I’ll miss you!)

Since graduation life has been crazy. I still don’t think the reality of me not having to attend class in August has hit me yet. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I realize I won’t have to fight for parking on UT’s construction zone to get to class on time. There are so many things I will never have to do again and while it’s relieving, it’s still somewhat sad. I will never again have to take a test. I will never again have to register for classes. I will never again pull all-nighters cramming in the library, and I’m never going to fill out a FAFSA again (thank God). Reality is becoming real and I’m still letting it all sink in. Speaking of reality checks, my student loans can no longer be avoided. Time to start consolidating and making payments… Real life is rough.tumblr_m917x1RzcI1r51by8o1_500

These next few weeks are going to be filled with applications, apartment hunting, goodbyes, and applications. I’m so excited to start this next chapter in my life, but the excitement is overwhelmed by nerves. While I may be petrified to make this huge leap, I have to keep reminding myself of a quote I read recently that has become my mantra: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”

I think I speak for my fellow graduates when I say that I’m scared out of my mind… or maybe I’m just speaking for myself. Regardless, I hope this upcoming chapter will be filled with just as much happiness, excitement, and craziness as my college career. I’m officially an alumnus from the University of Tennessee. Time to get a job.



Keep Calm and…

18 Jan

keep-calmThis semester was supposed to be easy. Relaxing. Calm. You want to know how easy it was SUPPOSED to be? I am only taking one class to finish out my undergraduate degree. That’s how easy.  While my three-hour class course was supposed to result in a stress-free semester, it resulted in me not even having time to stress.

Internship, work, and my advertising campaigns course have taken up all the time I imagined having this semester and replaced it with branding, research, writing, editing, posting, social media…. the list goes on and on.. On top of all of these tasks, I still have to find time to apply for jobs. I have missed the past two episodes of American Horror Story. I am not pleased.

While all of my time is pretty much reserved for anything other than Bravo watching, binge eating, lounge fest; I still Keep Calm and Blog onhave found time to write a blog post. No matter how much is going on in my life, it is still very important to find time to sit down and write. The job market is filled to the brim with graduates desperate to find work, so you must always find time to improve your brand and stand out.

Speaking of branding, remember that campaigns class I was talking about earlier? I am currently working in a group of eight to create a brand image for the School of Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Tennessee. For a school that is centered around brand image, it unfortunately seems to lack one. Because of this lack of brand, our program has seen a decrease in applications to the majors. See how important branding yourself is?

tumblr_m9atsor69v1qaqa14o1_500This branding process, while still in the early stages, has taught me so much about social media, advertising, sales and marketing. Brand recognition is one of the most important developments in selling your product. In my case, I’m hoping my brand is enough to help me land a job.

Keep Calm and Brand On.

Count Your Blessings

13 Nov

I can’t believe how was this year/ semester has flown by. Only three more weeks and I will have finished my LAST full semester in college. Graduation is approaching as well as another festive time of year. I know what you’re thinking, and no this is not another Christmas comment (42 days, guys!) Thanksgiving is next week and to mimic all of the “thankful” Facebook posts that are surfacing, I am going to dedicate this Monday’s Mash-up to all the things I am thankful for.

1) I am thankful that I will be going home in less than a month! Being away from home and family members  definitely adds an unnecessary stress to my life. I am thankful for the family members I have here in Tennessee, but nothing replaces the feeling of being home for the holidays.

2) I am thankful that this semester is almost OVER! This semester hasn’t been my most difficult in college, however, group projects and 17 page papers definitely have a way of making things more stressful than they need to be.

3) I am thankful for my mother who does my laundry when I go home. Though the lacks the maternal ability to cook, she always makes sure to pamper me. She may complain about it, but I know deep down she loves doing it.

4) I am thankful for my father who does know how to cook. While being in Tennessee I constantly get phone calls about the scrumptious dishes my dad cooked that night. I am ready to go home to stuff my face with culinary masterpieces my dad usually calls to brag about.

5) I am thankful for my sister whom I fight with on a daily basis. Everyone around us would swear that we hate each other, however, only we know the bond that screaming at each other strengthens. Almost 1,000 miles apart and we still find meaningless topics to bicker about, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

6) I am thankful for my entire family that consists not only of blood relatives, but also the really not really family members I have acquired over the years. From grandparents to step parents and those who have adopted me as one of their own, I have a great deal of people who I know will love me regardless of the blood lines that may or may not exist.

7) I am thankful for all of my friends that I have stayed in contact with over the years, as well as the newer ones I made along the way. From my high school besties to my advertising peeps, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to surround myself with.

8) I am thankful for my boyfriend who I have been with for almost five years now. We fight and pick at each other, but at the end of the day I couldn’t see myself with a better person. I don’t know why we work, but we do and I wouldn’t change our relationship for the world.

9) I am thankful for my dogs. Dogs are the most loyal and loving creatures that God placed on this Earth and I am grateful for their excitement every time I enter the door.

10) I am thankful for social media that allows me to stay in contact with those who live far away. I am also thankful for the late night creeping that distracts me from my studies.

11) I am thankful for True Blood, Glee, and Christmas television specials. Call it mindless entertainment, but I can’t help the joy I get whenever I can watch either of these shows.

12) I am thankful for food. Not only does it fuel my desire to live; it also just tastes so good. I am not a picky eater and love trying news things. I am grateful for the opportunity to try diverse culinary treats.

13) I am thankful for my job and my internship. I may complain about having to go into work or in the office, but I am lucky to have the easy job that I do… and get paid for it. As for my internship, I get to watch hockey. What’s better than that?

14) I am thankful for all of the opportunities I have been granted in life. I am truly blessed for the college I go to, the program I am in, and the possibilities these two things have granted me.

15) Finally (though there are MANY other things I am grateful for) I am thankful for you. Yes, you who is reading my blog. The fact that you gave up five minutes of your time to read my ramblings makes me extremely grateful. For that, I will reward you with a Christmas song.

Wham! Last Christmas

Never Forgotten

12 Sep

As you all remember, on this day 11 years ago, we faced a tragedy that went down in history. Just like today,  it was on a Tuesday morning. I was in 6th grade sitting in a double period English class. I, like the rest of us, stared in awe at the television screen that was turned on after the news was was spread throughout my school. Flash forward to a year later, my school held a memorial service for the anniversary of the attacks.

Now, in present day, the only news I have heard or seen of the memory of 9/11 has been through media. My Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest exploded with heartfelt statuses, thoughtful tweets, and memorable pins. In real life, however, there was nothing. Even now, writing this through social media, is the first mention I have made of it. I heard no mention of it in class, nor in passing as I spoke quickly with friends. Clearly, I am not the only one who maintained this silence.  Is our online voice louder than our real one?

Is it bad that we have lost this ability to emotionally connect in person, rather than behind a computer screen? I guess when considering how influential that social media and media (in general) are becoming, our promise to “never forget” still prevails. This is a testament to how instrumental social media is becoming in our lives. We have turned to this source, not just to brand ourselves or promote goods and services, but to connect with people. We rely on this source to share our emotions and reach out to others who may share the same views. Yeah, this may not be ideal. No amount of tweets, likes, posts, or comments could ever amount to a warm embrace. When you think of it, though, through media we have a lot more of people reading and responding. If these responses ever turned into meeting someone in person,   well that’s a whole ‘lotta hugs.

If we can positively affect the life of another through a post, tweet, or pin then that’s worth just as much as an offline conversation. After all, our online posts (good or bad) are there forever and I don’t see the internet going away any time soon. 

Get Your Tao On

10 Sep

I have decided after reading The Tao of Twitter by, Mark Schaefer that I am going to give Twitter a try. Before I decided to dive head first into this medium, my first impression of it was that it was stupid. I thought that Twitter was just another way for me to publicize what I had for dinner, along with what I last bought when I went shopping with friends. I didn’t think I needed another online profile, I already devoted enough of my time to Facebook. This is where the Tao came in and turned my online brand upside down…

I had heard for a while that Twitter was an excellent source to market yourself and connect with professionals, but I never gave it a shot. I created a profile after hearing these testaments, but that was where my Twitter relationship ended. We were a mutually distant couple, destined for a break up. It wasn’t till after reading Schaefer’s book that I learned  in order to receive the benefits from Twitter, you have to work at it. Just like in a relationship, you get what you put into it.

I was so pampered by Facebook because I am so used to the work being done for me. My relationship with Facebook is parasitic. I take advantage of it, and in turn, Facebook brings me joy.  On Facebook, your friends comment, like, upload, and invite you to events. All the while this is happening, you sit back and check out the photos that your high school frenemy just uploaded of the party she went to the night before. With Facebook, all you’re required to do is creep… and occasionally post a status or two. 

Twitter, on the other hand, is completely different. While you can still utilize your creeping skills by following as many people as you wish, in order to receive the benefits of Twitter, you have to put in effort. Branding yourself is the number one way to get the right person’s attention. Retweet someone you admire,  favorite a tweet you want to remember, and post meaningful content. Other than these obvious tactics, the most important thing I took out of reading Schaefer’s book was maintaining “authentic helpfulness.” Twitter isn’t about marketing, selling, and promoting; it’s about making connections. Twitter is the epitome of what online human interaction should be. While we have Facebook to keep in contact with old friends, Twitter is their so we can make new ones. Two separate relationships that you can maintain without cheating. (I promise this is the last relationship metaphor, it’s starting to get creepy).

As of now, my Klout score is at a whopping 20 out of 100. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way basing my self worth on this score, but after making this commitment to Twitter I do expect it to go up. So here’s my goal for the end of the semester: I want a Klout score of 25. I don’t know what kind of failure I may be setting myself up for, but I guess we will see in December. Cheers to the Tao, and may the odds be ever in my favor.


The Perks of Being a Vlogger

7 Sep

While surfing the web (mainly creeping on Facebook), I decided to do some added research for class and look up some famous video blogs. Let me just start out by saying that the market is bombarded with people hoping to catch a break by recording their day to day activities and posting them on YouTube. I had no idea how to know which “vlog” would be best to watch. So naturally I went to Google. (Speaking of which, their Star Trek theme was adorable).

Anyways, I typed “most popular video blogs” into the search bar and went to the link that said “10 Most Popular Video Blogs Online.” Knowing  that by doing so that I was feeding into the theory that people are more apt to click on or read articles that contain a number in the title. All of the links that I clicked on always seemed to contain one video blog: The Shaytards.

After reading further, I discovered that the main blogger “Shaycarl” embarked on this adventure by wanting to maintain a weight loss vlog. This eventually lead to an everyday occurrence when Shaycarl vowed on his 29th birthday to vlog every day of that year, and the rest is history. The Shaytards is now a popular vlog with over 900.000 subscribers who watch this family communicate and interact with one another.

So what are the perks of an online vlogger? YouTube partners make, on average, $2.50-$5.00 per view. If you have a channel, you will make anywhere from $.01-$.05 per view. This may not be enough to quit your day job depending on how often you post, but for those vloggers who upload videos everyday, you can definitely earn a pretty penny.

I may not invest myself in this form of media any time soon, but the perks of being a vlogger are nothing to scoff at. As we continue this up rise of social media through documenting our every day lives, all of us can potentially claim our 15 minutes of fame. So watch out YouTube, right now I may only have the possibility of getting extra credit in class, but maybe one day I will be able to save up for a European vacation courtesy of future YouTube subscribers.

And just as an added bonus, check out this really disturbing vlog that I found whilst surfing YouTube…

Hello world!

29 Aug

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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