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Post Election Problems

9 Nov

Well, the election is over and we have a new president… or I guess not. Obama is remaining president for another term, staying in the White House for four more years. While this will result in many new changes for our country and economy, what does this mean for social media?

Facebook can now resort back to baby posts and first world problems, Twitter will fill back up with useless facts, and Pinterest can start up with Christmas crafts (YES!) and maintain their hilarious cat pictures.

While my Facebook feed was full of bipartisan feuds between Republicans and Democrats, it has now reverted back to meaningless statuses informing me what was made for dinner. Many memes have surfaced post-election and for this, I am grateful.

While many have gone back to not caring about the election, there are a select few who are either totally ecstatic about Obama continuing his presidency and those who are threatening to move out of the country.   As much as the political rants crowded my news feed and begun to annoy me with the redundancy, I am even more annoyed by the angry words be spouted post election. Whether or not you agree with the president’s policies, we as Americans need to come together. Our country should not divide under the differences between conservatives and liberals. Red or blue, we are governed by the same rules, under the same president, within the same country. Our beliefs should not divide us, rather they should create a unique diversity that provides understanding and compassion for others.

Now that I have gotten my political rant out in the open, I hope all of you reading this can do the same and move forward. You may be happy or depressed by the results of the election, but we can all enter an agreement that Christmas is 54 DAYS AWAY. If that fact doesn’t make you happy, then I don’t know what will.




To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, here is one of my favorite Christmas songs:

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)- Michael Buble

Social Media Endeavors

6 Nov

For those of you who are consistent readers of my blog (thank you) you know that my blogging journey got its start through a class I’m currently taking. Social Media 490 is an advertising and public relations course that requires students to not only update a blog of their own, but to also create a social media campaign for a client. This semester our client is Doritos Crash the Super Bowl, and now you are going to hear about the trials and tribulations of creating a social media plan.

Issue 1: What is Doritos Crash the Super Bowl?

This is an issue that my group and I have encountered quite frequently throughout surveys, interviews, and focus groups. Our target audience is college students ages 18-24, my entire friend base. This is a problem. In order to boost participation from this audience, it would help for them to know what the contest is first.

Issue 2: Yes, this target audience is the prime users of social media, but do you know how hard it is to generate responses from these platforms?

Trying to get someone to “like” your brand is almost as hard as getting NHL owners and players to settle a deal already.
(Seriously guys, this is out of control) So what does this mean for a social media campaign? That’s what we’re trying to figure out.

Issue 3: What can we come up with that Doritos can’t?

If you all haven’t heard, this years contest winner will get the chance to work on the set of Transformers 4 with director, Michael Bay. That is a huge accomplishment that will be hard to top. What grand prize will invoke the target audience to enter? What incentives can be given to encourage submissions? Yet another issue we are trying to settle.

After reading this far, I’m sure some of you are wondering what Crash the Super Bowl is. It is a viral video contest that Doritos sponsors that gives participants a chance to have their commercial aired during the Super Bowl. That’s right, consumer generated content aired during the Super Bowl. No substitutions are added nor changes are made; your creation has a chance to air during the most viewed event in television history. Anyone and everyone over the age of 18 has the ability to submit a video. No previous production or cinematography experience needed. Cool, right?

Calling all readers ages 18-24: Try your hand at directing and submit a commercial to Doritos. (and let me know how it goes) You never know, you could be the next grand prize winner.

Here is a video from last year’s winner, look familiar?

Will Disney turn Star Wars to the Dark Side?

31 Oct

It’s official. Disney has conquered another huge franchise, thus making themselves even more powerful than before. Disney has bought Lucas Films Ltd. (the production company that’s mostly known for producing Star Wars), and fans are turning to the dark side.

Now I’m not one who is enveloped within this huge fan base. I never watched the first installment back in the 70’s with Harrison Ford, however, I did watch the newer films with Natalie Portman (the acting in those movies was terrible). While I have no vested interest within the new franchise, my heart feels for Star Wars fans everywhere. I know what Disney does to movies. Pirates of the Caribbean? Should have stopped at three and now there are rumors of a sixth film. (I love Johnny Depp, but come on!) Don’t even get me started on the original animated films’ sequels: Lion King 2, The Little Mermaid 2, Aladdin 3… the saga continues. 

So will Disney do the same to Star Wars? Will they take another franchise too far to a point of no return? I personally love what they have done for Marvel (have you seen the Iron Man 3 trailer??), but Disney can get a tad over-zealous. Seriously, have you seen Bambi 2? For the sake of comic cons, I hope Disney doesn’t ruin this for every fan out there living in their mother’s basement watching The Empire Strikes Back on replay.  Let’s hope that Miley Cyrus can stay out of this, too.

We will find out the verdict to this potential massacre in 2015 when Star Wars 7 is set to be released. Until then, pray to Han Solo that Demi Lovato (or any other Disney child star) doesn’t get cast.

Heavy Winds and Rain with a Slight Chance of Rapture

30 Oct

As many of you know, I am from Massachusetts and somehow ended up in the state of Tennessee.  While currently attending the University of Tennessee Knoxville, the majority of my family is in Massachusetts. Why is this random tidbit important? Because my Facebook is blown up with posts about Hurricane Sandy, so you all are going to get a weather forecast on what is happening in the Northeast.

I am sure it comes of no surprise to any of you how out of control news updates can become when an event such as a super-storm wreaks havoc on part of the country. Similar to the outrageous claims currently being made about the election, Hurricane Sandy comes with just as much baggage.

Not to discredit any major damage that this storm has caused, but from whenever a catastrophic weather becomes headline news people go too far when explaining the causes for such disasters. From what I have seen throughout my social platforms, people have gone so far as to pin this on God as well as the government. Personally, I blame Jersey Shore and the NHL Lockout. Head to your bomb shelters and stock up with preservatives because Sandy is here and she’s heard of our sins.

SPOILER ALERT: The following sentence contains a Mean Girls quote. (Although, if you don’t recognize this quote you are probably living under a rock with no means to read this blog anyhow.)

On the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals. According to this source, Sandy has the same motives.

Currently the forecast calls for heavy winds and rain, with a slight chance of rapture. As for me, I’m hoping for this huge snow storm that’s apparently headed towards Tennessee (like that’s gonna happen). For those of you braving the storm and power outages, know that Facebook and Twitter can wait. The world will get to see your post-apocalyptic hurricane posts another day.

On a serious note, keep those in mind who are enduring the worst of the storm. I know that if my sister stops posting political statuses on Facebook I will start praying, because at that point Sandy must have reached her worst.

Halloween Costume? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.

24 Oct

Halloween is a week away and the pressure is ON. Finding a good costume has become almost as difficult as choosing who to vote for in this election.  No one wants to see the same old costumes that resurface every year, i.e. ghosts, witches, vampires.  Halloween has become a time of year when you can show just how creative and hilarious you really are all in one costume.  I’m not saying that finding a costume should take precedence over real life problems (how to dress when the weather shifts from 50 degrees to 80 in a day), but no one wants to go to a party and find another person dressed just like you. Halloween is a time to be unique, contrary to the popular belief that one should dress like a lady of the night. For all of you out there who are trying to come up with that unbeatable costume that will leave people talking about how creative you are for at least a day after the party you’re going to, here are some ideas inspired by social media:

Slender Man: I’m really not sure where this idea came from, but it has blown up memes all year. This horrifyingly simple costume is sure to freak out those who’ve had a little too much to drink. It doesn’t even require you to say anything, just stand alone in a corner and wait for someone walk past you.

Meme faces: Really simple. Copy your favorite face, print it out, and add some string so you can tie it around your head. Perfect for those who don’t want to put in much effort this year. If you want to score bonus points you can always walk around saying “y u no wear a costume?” or “Edward Cullen costume. Me Gusta.” It’s all up to you, but this costume could definitely start some interesting conversations.

Most talked about people of 2012: We have all seen the photo of McKayla Maroney who is clearly not amused by her competitors. Dress in your best sweats and walk around the party acting like you’re not amused by all of the costumes that are better than yours. Psy will also be a popular hit this Halloween. It’s time to drag out those flamboyantly colored suits and dance around like your pants are on fire. I’m not promising you might cause fights with those who are done hearing about your Gangnam style, but it will be fun while it lasts.

Hipster: Totally easy, just pull out those non-prescription glasses you bought last month to make you look “smart,” maybe add a flannel shirt and a scarf and you are good to go. For all you know, this is the best costume at the party. After all, you came up with it first.

If none of these costumes suit your spooky style, keep thinking! Let’s just hope that super awesome idea doesn’t come to you after the holiday is over… but I’m sure it probably will. (happens every time!)

Here’s something you can listen to while you get ready for your Halloween festivities.

Monster Mash-up

9 Oct

It’s Columbus Day, and just like our friend Christopher who embarked on his journey to the New World 520 years ago, the University of Tennessee is embarking on their Fall Break. It is a crisp 52 degrees in Knoxville making it officially feel like Fall. To celebrate all the festivities of this wonderful day it’s time for a Monday Mash-up: your official guide to social media and other cool stuff.

Angry Birds Star Wars is set to be released on November 8. Now when you are avoiding the gruesome task of paying attention in class, you can at least feel like Han Solo as you attempt to take down Darth Pig (or whatever they’re choosing to call it).

Facebook is offering a $20 million dollar settlement in accordance to their “Sponsored Stories” advertisements. Apparently every time someone clicked “like” on a page, that company was able to use that persons photo and name as a personal testimony endorsing their product. Facebook users had no ability to opt out of this feature and are now receiving $10 each for their endorsement. So much for privacy!

Ever had a fridge stocked full of groceries but you could never find something to eat? What about having to resist posting a tweet in class because your cell phone battery is at 3%? How about that time you wanted to subscribe to my blog but you were just to lazy to enter in your email address? These are First World Problems, and this Public Service Announcement is asking you to suck it up and subscribe to my blog stop complaining. I know it may be hard for you to not post a tweet on your iPhone 5 about still being hungry after scarfing down a bag of Doritos, but find solace in knowing that no one really cares about your binge eating anyways.

It’s October so it’s time to pick out a costume, go to a haunted house, and put on a scary flick because Halloween is approaching. For those of you who are less adventurous, you could always go to a corn maze or carve a pumpkin. Either way, this is the only time of year where scarfing candy is acceptable and you can get away with pretending that you’re someone else to cover up an embarrassing moment you want everyone to forget. (You know who you are).

If none of those previous suggestions tickle your fancy, you could always go watch this movie. I know I will. Until next time!

A MEMEorable Election

6 Oct

One month from tomorrow voting booths will be swarmed, absentee ballots will be sent in, and all of your political friends on Facebook will bombard your newsfeeds with trash talk. After the debate on Wednesday, Americans are left with only one question to answer. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?  (That awkward moment when you just sang the lyrics in your head)

Given all the tweets, posts, and memes created after the Presidential Debate; it is clear that one point stuck out to all Americans. Mitt Romney is going to tear down Sesame Street, and Big Bird’s going first. In support of this program as well as its network, PBS, I will now give you a rundown of the election, Sesame Street style (and also condensed).

A is Americans who get to choose their president, unlike North Koreans

B is for Budget that needs to be balanced

C is for Conservatives aka WASPs

D is for Debt that China is currently funding

E is for Electoral College who will end up choosing the president, anyways

F is for future that is looking pretty bleak

H is for Health Care that could potentially be for all

I is for Independents who are voting for anyone but

J is for Jim Lehrer who couldn’t control the opponents speaking time

L is for Liberals aka Occupy Wall Street campers

O is for Obama who seemed complacent while debating

P is for President that will be chosen on December 17th

R is for Romney who discounts 47% of Americans

S is for Sesame Street gang who are currently voting for Obama

T is for Tea Party, where did they go?

V is for Vice Presidents who will debate on October 11th

W is for Write In which seems to be the best option (Hillary 2012)

X is for Xbox that is running daily polls (turns out it’s not just for Halo after all)

For all you Republicans and Democrats out there, keep on debating. Post your rants, tweet your concerns, and comment with your disagreeing opinions. For all we know this next President may only lead for five days. I’ll take Romney over the Mayans any day.

Sick of hearing about the election? Watch this video!

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