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Losing with Dignity

28 Oct

As most of you know from reading previous posts, I have an extreme disdain for football. I think the sport is unnecessarily long and I have a serious problem with my college being associated with this sport over academics. <End of Rant> However, there are few moments when you are being forced to watch a game because everyone else in the room wants to watch it even though most of them are socializing and not even paying attention to the screen that you get to see a heartwarming moment occur. Yesterday, I witnessed one of these moments.

No, I’m not talking about how close to beating South Carolina that UT was (look at them losing respectfully. You go, UT!). During this game a better representation of how football should be played occurred in the second quarter. As I’m sure all of you have heard from either witnessing or reading a post about it, South Carolina running back, Marcus Lattimore, suffered a horrible injury to his knee due to a helmet crushing into it during a tackle. What happened after this play was what resonated with me most.

In spite of an SEC rivalry, Tennessee players swarmed the field to pay their respects to the severely injured player. In spite of all the trash-talking and fights that usually break out at most football games, these players and fans actually showed a little dignity. Never have I showed any semblance of emotion while watching a football game, but when Lattimore left the field crying, I almost broke down with him (don’t judge me). The sportsman-like conduct that was portrayed at this moment was one that should be witnessed by all sports fans alike. Yes, it sucks that UT lost (I could really care less) but I think Vol fans should be proud of the attitudes displayed during the game (and that we only lost by a field goal).

I may loathe every aspect of football, but I can respect a good game. While it wasn’t my decision to watch the game to begin with, I am glad I did. UT’s record may be 3-5, but at least we know how to lose with class.

For those of you living under a rock, here is a clip of the Lattimore injury:

Monday Mash-Up (UTK Edition)

25 Sep

A lot of things have gone down on campus this week so I am dedicating this Monday Mash-Up to the University of Tennessee!

First on the list (I’m just learning about this myself) UT won the “Kathie Lee and Hoda Goes back to College” challenge. After beating out 6 other schools in the finals, UT will be hosting the Today Show during the week of October 1st. After hosting ESPN for college GameDay, UTK has received a lot of good press (go us!) , let’s just hope this turns out better than GameDay did…

With good news comes bad news, as does bad press come with good press. Thankfully, this next story is just local and not plastered on news stations across the nation. Well not any more, Anderson Cooper has even covered this story. posted on Monday that a student was hospitalized this past weekend after reaching a BAC of .4. How is that even possible, you ask? He gave himself an enema… with alcohol. While I’m sure some of you are just dying to give this a shot, I strongly urge that you don’t. I can imagine it would be a real pain in the ass…

Attention Starbucks Lovers: As I’m sure all of you are outraged (I know because most of you came to my work
complaining about it) about how the location in Hodge’s Library began closing at 11 pm as opposed to staying open 24 hours, there is hope for you, yet! After many complaints from loyal customers, Aramark has decided to reinstate their previous hours to run a statistical analysis on the profitability of staying open this long. So don’t get your hopes TOO high because they may end up reverting back to the new hours.

Knoxville can sleep peacefully these next few weekends because the Vols are FINALLY on the road after their 3-game streak at home. First stop is in Athens to play the Georgia Bulldogs. Here’s to getting our hopes up, talking crap about the other team, and probably coming out with a loss. Hey, I’ve been wrong before though. Here’s a cute picture of Uga and Smokey to console us… just in case. (aren’t they just the cutest?!)

Keeping it Tennessee, here’s the CUTEST video of one of our more famous football players (not Peyton Manning) and a blue tick puppy. Enjoy!

Don’t you know, things can change? Things will go your way…

21 Sep

So… this week started out horribly.

As you all know from my Monday Mash-Up post, it rained on Monday… A lot. As much as I absolutely LOVE rainy days (I’m not even trying to act like those people who say they love the rain, but in all actuality end up squirming like cats when they have to go outside). I REALLY do love when it rains, so much so that I would rather it over the sun. As much as I love the rain though, my car apparently hates it… or maybe the rain hates me. This picture is what I woke up to Tuesday morning on my way to class. A puddle… in my car… Going back to how much I enjoy the rain, I do not enjoy it IN MY CAR. I don’t even know how it got there. My windows were closed and there was no visible entry point in which the rain entered my vehicle… just a puddle.

WARNING: This next part includes a product endorsement.

ShamWow! I know… I KNOW. You may be wondering why I am promoting this annoyingly advertised product, but seriously, it works! Thankfully my boyfriend has a tendency to purchase products (in bulk) that he doesn’t use/need (he also has a SlapChop), because this purchase came in handy. It seriously soaked up all the water in no time at all. Granted, there was a little residue left over that evaporated onto my windshield the next morning, but condensation beats a puddle. I’m not saying you should go out and buy one (because seriously, WHO GETS PUDDLES IN THEIR CAR?) but just know, that in a normal situation where an easy clean up is needed, ShamWow’s actually work.

Other than the mini floods Knoxville and my car battled, I enjoyed another pleasant surprise when I woke up this morning to a towed car. $100 down the drain (I could use a drain in my car). All of this car trouble in one week has been pretty unbearable, but it’s the simple things in life that happen to ease the pain away (or should I say “cheese the pain away.”) By that I mean Moe’s gave out FREE QUESO today. Not just a tablespoon of queso either, they gave a cup… with chips… FO’ FREE. Day= instantly made.

Moral of the story: Don’t cry over spilled milk rain, because soon enough something better will present itself, and the good always out weights the bad. (Who doesn’t love cheese?)

Here’s a shout out (holla!) to my BFF Jill Josh (check out his blog). When asking for suggestions on what to write about, he suggested drag queens on YouTube (we LOVE Drag Queens). Unfortunately, he’s the savant for this subject, so instead I will share with you a video he brought to my attention. (no, she is NOT a Drag Queen) Enjoy!

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