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A MEMEorable Election

6 Oct

One month from tomorrow voting booths will be swarmed, absentee ballots will be sent in, and all of your political friends on Facebook will bombard your newsfeeds with trash talk. After the debate on Wednesday, Americans are left with only one question to answer. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?  (That awkward moment when you just sang the lyrics in your head)

Given all the tweets, posts, and memes created after the Presidential Debate; it is clear that one point stuck out to all Americans. Mitt Romney is going to tear down Sesame Street, and Big Bird’s going first. In support of this program as well as its network, PBS, I will now give you a rundown of the election, Sesame Street style (and also condensed).

A is Americans who get to choose their president, unlike North Koreans

B is for Budget that needs to be balanced

C is for Conservatives aka WASPs

D is for Debt that China is currently funding

E is for Electoral College who will end up choosing the president, anyways

F is for future that is looking pretty bleak

H is for Health Care that could potentially be for all

I is for Independents who are voting for anyone but

J is for Jim Lehrer who couldn’t control the opponents speaking time

L is for Liberals aka Occupy Wall Street campers

O is for Obama who seemed complacent while debating

P is for President that will be chosen on December 17th

R is for Romney who discounts 47% of Americans

S is for Sesame Street gang who are currently voting for Obama

T is for Tea Party, where did they go?

V is for Vice Presidents who will debate on October 11th

W is for Write In which seems to be the best option (Hillary 2012)

X is for Xbox that is running daily polls (turns out it’s not just for Halo¬†after all)

For all you Republicans and Democrats out there, keep on debating. Post your rants, tweet your concerns, and comment with your disagreeing opinions. For all we know this next President may only lead for five days. I’ll take Romney over the Mayans any day.

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