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Big Things Have Small Beginnings

7 Jan

Another year has come and gone, and so many exciting happenings have occurred since my last post. Since it has been so long since I have updated my blog, I feel as though it is only right to post another Monday Mash-Up.

yo-dawg-i-heard-you-got-engaged-so-you-can-engage-in-your-engagement-while-your-engagedFirst up on the list: I’m engaged. I never thought I would be saying such a thing before I graduated college, but I couldn’t be happier about it. I have no idea when I will be getting married due to graduation, jobs, and other engagements; but I will certainly have fun in the process. I thought I knew what a black hole of time wasting Pinterest was, but then I got engaged. All these months of planning a fake wedding pales in comparison to planning a real one. Be prepared: this blog may contain many wedding crafts in the future.

The job application process has begun! Literally, I just sent in two applications prior to writing this. It is a small start, but I’m glad I finally broke the seal and begun the process. My two first real world job prospects are two sales oriented positions based in New York that have the potential to be future employers. I’m keeping my options open and fingers crossed, so we will see how things develop.

The spring semester has almost begun, and my campaigns group has been formed. I could not be happier with the people I will be imageworking with for my last advertising group ever at the University of Tennessee. Our client is the School of Advertising within the College of Communication and our campaign is geared towards enticing students to apply. With a new semester comes a new internship and I will be working with Morris Creative Group, This will be a great experience within a small advertising agency that will allow me to broaden my scope of advertising while learning as much as I possibly can before I graduate.

So much excitement in the world of Shannon and hopefully it will continue. I’ll make sure my next post will be more relevant to those other than myself, but I just couldn’t contain all the good news. Oh, and I also got addicted to American Horror Story Asylum over the break (best. show. ever.)  so there pardon the references if they happen to pop up in the near future (I can’t wait till Wednesday!).

Since this post is all about me, here is my most recent song obsession. Enjoy!

Heavy Winds and Rain with a Slight Chance of Rapture

30 Oct

As many of you know, I am from Massachusetts and somehow ended up in the state of Tennessee.  While currently attending the University of Tennessee Knoxville, the majority of my family is in Massachusetts. Why is this random tidbit important? Because my Facebook is blown up with posts about Hurricane Sandy, so you all are going to get a weather forecast on what is happening in the Northeast.

I am sure it comes of no surprise to any of you how out of control news updates can become when an event such as a super-storm wreaks havoc on part of the country. Similar to the outrageous claims currently being made about the election, Hurricane Sandy comes with just as much baggage.

Not to discredit any major damage that this storm has caused, but from whenever a catastrophic weather becomes headline news people go too far when explaining the causes for such disasters. From what I have seen throughout my social platforms, people have gone so far as to pin this on God as well as the government. Personally, I blame Jersey Shore and the NHL Lockout. Head to your bomb shelters and stock up with preservatives because Sandy is here and she’s heard of our sins.

SPOILER ALERT: The following sentence contains a Mean Girls quote. (Although, if you don’t recognize this quote you are probably living under a rock with no means to read this blog anyhow.)

On the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals. According to this source, Sandy has the same motives.

Currently the forecast calls for heavy winds and rain, with a slight chance of rapture. As for me, I’m hoping for this huge snow storm that’s apparently headed towards Tennessee (like that’s gonna happen). For those of you braving the storm and power outages, know that Facebook and Twitter can wait. The world will get to see your post-apocalyptic hurricane posts another day.

On a serious note, keep those in mind who are enduring the worst of the storm. I know that if my sister stops posting political statuses on Facebook I will start praying, because at that point Sandy must have reached her worst.

Don’t you know, things can change? Things will go your way…

21 Sep

So… this week started out horribly.

As you all know from my Monday Mash-Up post, it rained on Monday… A lot. As much as I absolutely LOVE rainy days (I’m not even trying to act like those people who say they love the rain, but in all actuality end up squirming like cats when they have to go outside). I REALLY do love when it rains, so much so that I would rather it over the sun. As much as I love the rain though, my car apparently hates it… or maybe the rain hates me. This picture is what I woke up to Tuesday morning on my way to class. A puddle… in my car… Going back to how much I enjoy the rain, I do not enjoy it IN MY CAR. I don’t even know how it got there. My windows were closed and there was no visible entry point in which the rain entered my vehicle… just a puddle.

WARNING: This next part includes a product endorsement.

ShamWow! I know… I KNOW. You may be wondering why I am promoting this annoyingly advertised product, but seriously, it works! Thankfully my boyfriend has a tendency to purchase products (in bulk) that he doesn’t use/need (he also has a SlapChop), because this purchase came in handy. It seriously soaked up all the water in no time at all. Granted, there was a little residue left over that evaporated onto my windshield the next morning, but condensation beats a puddle. I’m not saying you should go out and buy one (because seriously, WHO GETS PUDDLES IN THEIR CAR?) but just know, that in a normal situation where an easy clean up is needed, ShamWow’s actually work.

Other than the mini floods Knoxville and my car battled, I enjoyed another pleasant surprise when I woke up this morning to a towed car. $100 down the drain (I could use a drain in my car). All of this car trouble in one week has been pretty unbearable, but it’s the simple things in life that happen to ease the pain away (or should I say “cheese the pain away.”) By that I mean Moe’s gave out FREE QUESO today. Not just a tablespoon of queso either, they gave a cup… with chips… FO’ FREE. Day= instantly made.

Moral of the story: Don’t cry over spilled milk rain, because soon enough something better will present itself, and the good always out weights the bad. (Who doesn’t love cheese?)

Here’s a shout out (holla!) to my BFF Jill Josh (check out his blog). When asking for suggestions on what to write about, he suggested drag queens on YouTube (we LOVE Drag Queens). Unfortunately, he’s the savant for this subject, so instead I will share with you a video he brought to my attention. (no, she is NOT a Drag Queen) Enjoy!

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