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Pretty lights on the tree, I’m watching them shine

24 Nov

Thanksgiving has passed and the demented Black Friday shoppers have done their damage. This was my second time playing the role of moral support while accompanying a friend on their quest for good deals. I seldom offer my services for this dreaded mission as the sergeant of arms (I have no qualms fighting Grandma for an Xbox 360), but I was feeling generous this year. Luckily, I didn’t have to utilize my aggression defense training while Josh purchased his Xbox Star Wars bundle pack and I bought my newest addition to my boot collection (Hi, I’m Shannon and I have a shoe problem).

I was quite surprised by the lack of craziness during this Black Friday’s festivities. I witnessed no fights and heard no threats. It was actually quite disappointing; I had mentally prepared myself for a battle of strength if it came down to me going toe to toe over Dance Central 3. I suppose Walmart is the place to go for knockout brawls, however I will never be convinced to wait for 8 hours in the freezing cold to submerge myself in a sea of crazed mothers playing tug of war over Wii U.

While Thanksgiving was a time to give thanks for family, friends, and hopes of good prices on that new 60″ TV you were planning on buying; it is also a reminder of a more important time of year… CHRISTMAS. B97.5 has already started playing Christmas music non-stop (thanks, Delilah) and houses are being decorated with twinkling lights and red ribbon. The best part of it all:  people are more accepting of this holiday cheer now that Thanksgiving is over.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break with your families/friends and are stuffed with turkey leftovers. I have currently logged 5 Thanksgiving/leftover meals this week (and counting!)

Monday is approaching bringing back the lull of school work and job duties. Here’s a Christmas mix to keep you getting through the week, enjoy!


Twinkies, Twilight, and Tidings of Comfort and Joy

17 Nov

The end of this week marked the end of two eras: Hostess and Twilight. Both relatively sad and both extremely over-dramatized… and by that I mean Twilight.

Our future generations will never know what a “Twinkie,” “Ding Dong,” or “Wonder Bread” is. It is a major and depressing loss within the confectionery industry for Hostess snack cake fans every where.  Apparently the Twinkie specialists decided to close shop after labor disputes led to an unavoidable bankruptcy. Not to say that I actually enjoyed eating any of these snacks after the age of 12, but I feel as though part of my childhood has died. Perhaps this was the catastrophic event that the Mayans predicted to occur at the end of this year…

As for all you Twi-hards out there, the final installment of the Twilight movies premiered Thursday night to complete the era of vampire seeking teenagers.  Whether you were Team Jacob or Team Edward, the sparkling vampire and baby-loving werewolf have ended their reign as fantasy boyfriends for middle aged women every where. Christian Grey, you’re next! I was unfortunately dragged to the movies with my mom and watched the melodramatic montages project on the silver screen for two hours. Needless to say, this final movie was just as exaggerated as the past four films.

In the midst of these hard time, we can look to the future to find inspiration and happiness. Christmas is 37 days away, so that’s what I’m looking forward to. I am also excited to see how this girl handled the final installment of the Twilight saga.

To brighten the mood for those of you in mourning, here is a little Christmas cheer that will hopefully turn your frown into a smile. Enjoy!

Post Election Problems

9 Nov

Well, the election is over and we have a new president… or I guess not. Obama is remaining president for another term, staying in the White House for four more years. While this will result in many new changes for our country and economy, what does this mean for social media?

Facebook can now resort back to baby posts and first world problems, Twitter will fill back up with useless facts, and Pinterest can start up with Christmas crafts (YES!) and maintain their hilarious cat pictures.

While my Facebook feed was full of bipartisan feuds between Republicans and Democrats, it has now reverted back to meaningless statuses informing me what was made for dinner. Many memes have surfaced post-election and for this, I am grateful.

While many have gone back to not caring about the election, there are a select few who are either totally ecstatic about Obama continuing his presidency and those who are threatening to move out of the country.   As much as the political rants crowded my news feed and begun to annoy me with the redundancy, I am even more annoyed by the angry words be spouted post election. Whether or not you agree with the president’s policies, we as Americans need to come together. Our country should not divide under the differences between conservatives and liberals. Red or blue, we are governed by the same rules, under the same president, within the same country. Our beliefs should not divide us, rather they should create a unique diversity that provides understanding and compassion for others.

Now that I have gotten my political rant out in the open, I hope all of you reading this can do the same and move forward. You may be happy or depressed by the results of the election, but we can all enter an agreement that Christmas is 54 DAYS AWAY. If that fact doesn’t make you happy, then I don’t know what will.




To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, here is one of my favorite Christmas songs:

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)- Michael Buble


So Pinteresting you’ll keep coming back for more.

20 Oct

In case you didn’t know, Christmas is 66 days away! You can check out the exact time until Santa packs his sleigh and heads your way here. You’re welcome. The reason why I am starting out this post about Christmas, other than the fact that I just LOVE Christmas, is because I’ve recently have to do research on Pinterest and what’s better than Pinterest right now other than the Christmas crafts?

Pinterest has always been my means to slacking off when I’m bored, waiting on someone, or when there happens to be computers in my classroom and I just can’t help myself. Did you know that that Pinterest is tied in second place with Tumblr for most time spent on a social media website? The average time spent on Pinterest is 89 minutes a month. I can honestly say that I have a large part within this statistic. I probably spend 89 minutes a day on Pinterest. AT LEAST. I’m honestly getting sidetracked by Pinterest while trying to write this blog.

For those seldom few of you who aren’t blessed to have been graced by the presence of this website, they recently ended their closed beta phase in August and EVERYONE can join now… without an invitation. You’re welcome.

If you don’t already have a Pinterest, I know what you’re thinking. Why would I get another social media outlet? Because it’s awesome! Where else can  you organize crafts you’ll never do, plan an imaginary wedding, and publish the latest fashion trends that you can never afford? Nowhere. Pinterest is where it’s at and I encourage you to join.

I know there is a lot of controversy circling this medium concerning copyrights, but to enjoy this medium all you have to do is be smart about it. This general rule can be applied to ALL forms of social media that you may already be a member of. Get informed first and enjoy later. I can assure you that the good weighs out the bad. Seriously, CHRISTMAS CRAFTS! What else more could you need?

So for those of you fellow pinners out there, go check out my boards. Not only will you find some nifty ideas, but if you pay close attention to the “Buy me this.” board, you will know what to get me for Christmas/Birthday/just for funsies. For those of you not already on Pinterest, get one. Try it out, and if you don’t like it you can always delete it. I can almost guarantee, though, that  you will find something that keeps you addicted. Crafts anyone?

Here’s a look at a Pinterest creation gone horribly wrong. NAILED IT!

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave

16 Oct

Fall break has come and gone so now the next thing we can all look forward to is THANKSGIVING Pre-Christmas (did I mention I love Christmas?)  Four days of binge eating turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and leftovers galore! I can’t wait!

My 5 glorious days of fall break was spent in Tunica, MI where I gambled with the best of them. After a catastrophic blow to my bank account, I traveled to Starkville where I witnessed a catastrophic blow to Volunteer spirits… and probably Dooley’s career. After all was said and done I learned that Mississippi exists on the 3 C’s: Casinos, Cotton, and Corruption. The only things outside these main staples are dirt and air. I was honestly surprised that Mississippi State even existed after spending an entire weekend in a town that didn’t even have an Applebee’s (but they had casinos!!). It’s amazing how much service one building can provide. The casinos host restaurants, clubs, spas, gyms, pools, and more. They provide everything you could ever want to ensure you can never leave. Luckily, Hotel California didn’t suck me into the deep abyss of an alcohol induced bank account purge, and I made it back to Knoxville!

My much needed break was concluded with my LAST ADVISING APPOINTMENT EVER which led me to registering for MY LAST CLASS EVER. It’s a crazy feeling knowing that my 17 years of education is finally coming to a close… finally! Yes, I know, college will probably end up being the best years of my life but I am eager for the adventures that are in store for my future.  Maybe this blog will lead me to a career in social media at a large agency in NYC, or maybe I’ll end up back at the Gold Strike casino wishing I hadn’t blown my last $20 on a steak buffet.

Whatever the cards have in store (pardon the pun) I am ready to take it on. I am excited and nervous to make this life altering change; I just need to figure out where I’m going.  For now, my concerns are finishing out this semester so I can start the grueling process of filling out job applications (if you’re an employer, I could use a job).  Then it’s off to Campaigns in the spring and I’ll be one step away from hopping off the big orange bus.

Let’s just hope the bus doesn’t end up running me over.

Things to look forward to!

Halloween: 16 Days

Thanksgiving: 45 Days

End of Semester: 57 Days (UTK students only)

Christmas: 72 Days

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