Silent Night

17 Dec

I haven’t blogged for a while since I finished finals and traveled North for Christmas break. Every day I would tell myself that today would be the day I published a new post, but I would always be sidetracked by something better to do (not really). Even now, as I’m typing this trying to come up with something to write,  I can’t help to revert back to the recent tragedies that have clouded our minds and weighed on our hearts. Yes, I’m talking about Sandy Hook. Yes, I’m sure millions of others have blogged about this subject. While it may be “just another tragedy post” I still hope to share a story that I recently read.

You all may have stumbled upon this article recently, and I hope you have. I think that this mother’s story epitomizes one of the many downfalls in our country. I couldn’t help but notice on the night of the shootings that Twitter was trending “NRA” tweets. Yes, gun control is something to be placed on the table and discussed, but it shouldn’t be the main concern.

Our nation hasn’t yet discovered how to deal with children like Adam Lanza.  People suffering from mental ailments like him are either sent away to prison and forgotten, or drugged with prescriptions until they forget who they are. These children who can’t control their tempers are then labeled as outcasts when we try to integrate them into our school systems. Their parents await the day that someone will find a cure while they are forced to stifle a temper tantrum that their child can’t help to fight.

These children do not belong in prison with “clinically sane” criminals, but where do you place someone who kills 26 people due to a mental condition that no one has found a suitable cure for? If Adam Lanza not killed himself, what would be his sentence?

I’m in no way trying to lessen the damage that his horrible crime created. I’m in no way claiming that Lanza was innocent in his actions. What he did was heartless, sickening, and sad; but did he even understand the repercussions of his actions?

I hope Liza Long’s story makes its way to Congress. I hope that in the midst of gun control reform that the care for mental illness is discussed as well. In the mean time, we must inform ourselves on this issue to fight the ignorance that has plagued all of us on this subject.

This tragedy occurred during my favorite time of the year. This holiday season my heart goes out to the families involved. Whether or not you are religious either pray for these people or send some positive vibes to Connecticut. Happy Holidays to all of you, and if you were affected by Liza’s story as much as I was, then pass it along and share it.


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