Never Forgotten

12 Sep

As you all remember, on this day 11 years ago, we faced a tragedy that went down in history. Just like today,  it was on a Tuesday morning. I was in 6th grade sitting in a double period English class. I, like the rest of us, stared in awe at the television screen that was turned on after the news was was spread throughout my school. Flash forward to a year later, my school held a memorial service for the anniversary of the attacks.

Now, in present day, the only news I have heard or seen of the memory of 9/11 has been through media. My Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest exploded with heartfelt statuses, thoughtful tweets, and memorable pins. In real life, however, there was nothing. Even now, writing this through social media, is the first mention I have made of it. I heard no mention of it in class, nor in passing as I spoke quickly with friends. Clearly, I am not the only one who maintained this silence.  Is our online voice louder than our real one?

Is it bad that we have lost this ability to emotionally connect in person, rather than behind a computer screen? I guess when considering how influential that social media and media (in general) are becoming, our promise to “never forget” still prevails. This is a testament to how instrumental social media is becoming in our lives. We have turned to this source, not just to brand ourselves or promote goods and services, but to connect with people. We rely on this source to share our emotions and reach out to others who may share the same views. Yeah, this may not be ideal. No amount of tweets, likes, posts, or comments could ever amount to a warm embrace. When you think of it, though, through media we have a lot more of people reading and responding. If these responses ever turned into meeting someone in person,   well that’s a whole ‘lotta hugs.

If we can positively affect the life of another through a post, tweet, or pin then that’s worth just as much as an offline conversation. After all, our online posts (good or bad) are there forever and I don’t see the internet going away any time soon. 


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