My first blog…

29 Aug

I was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Upon entering high school I moved to Morristown, Tennessee with my mom where I experienced my first culture shock. I went from living 5 minutes away from the beach to having a cow as my next door neighbor. The cow wasn’t enough to push me away though, because I am currently enrolled at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. After deciding that the business route just wasn’t my thing, I got accepted into the School of Advertising and Public Relations. Which brings me to here, in ADV/PR 490, where I am required to write in my very own blog…

After I make it through this intimidating process I plan on graduating next spring when I will hopefully be employed by an advertising firm somewhere in the North East (looking at New York or Boston). My favorite part about advertising is research (sounds lame, but actually really fun). I gained this strange liking in my ADV 340 class where I had to perform extensive research for Microsoft Bing. Through this process I conducted focus groups, distributed surveys, and analyzed the data in order to find what would make Bing a better brand. Because of this interest, I would hope to work as an account planner… but I won’t be too picky with my first job.

As for this blog, who knows what future it may have. My main concern now is finding something to write about that pertains to social media.


One Response to “My first blog…”

  1. Dr. C August 30, 2012 at 5:11 pm #

    Great post, Shannon! I, too, love the research side of advertising and public relations. I think you will find social media analytical tools very interesting. You’ll also enjoy discussions about social media listening and monitoring services. Research can be fun! Glad you see that (coming from a former 340 professor). I look forward to reading your blog this semester. Good luck!

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